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A clear perspective on commercial real estate.

We specialize in commercial property in and around the central Texas area. Our services include commercial leasing both on the landlord and tenant side as well as representation for purchase and sale of commercial property as well as associated property management.

Scott Gregson

Scott Gregson, the principal behind Gregson Realty Advisors, has been involved in commercial real estate for over 40 years. He has experience in large land developments, high-rise downtown properties, historic development, large-scale residential home construction and property management. He has also been responsible for the restoration of a number of historic buildings on the square in downtown San Marcos. All told, he has been involved as principal or partner in almost $2 billion in commercial real estate and other similar financial transaction.

He currently owns and actively manages, in his own portfolio, approximately 60,000 square feet in commercial properties.

As an advisor to you and your transactions he understands considerations of both the buyer and the seller, bringing years of experience to the table for your benefit.

Construction Management
Scott Gregson, the principal in Gregson Realty Advisors, has been involved as a principal or senior management capacity, in the development of commercial development of large land parcels (Steiner Ranch, a 4,500 acre development west of Austin), large homebuilding activity (Milburn Homes, served as Chief Operating Officer overseeing active development of over 6,000 acres of land and 1,500 annual housing starts) and high-rise development ( One American Center, a 500,000 square foot mixed use office tower located at 6th and Congress in downtown Austin).

In San Marcos he has been the principal in the development of over 100,000 square feet of commercial properties and an 80-acre commercial development tract on Hunter Road along with a number of historic restorations on the town square.

He brings to the table experience working, coordinating and reporting to city officials, engineers, architects, partners and lenders.

Real Estate Sales

Gregson Realty Advisors will help determine the best value and possible targets for your property and use all available tools to get your property sold at the best price in the least amount of time.

Buyer Representation
Gregson Realty Advisors can assist you in finding just the right property for your desired purpose or that meets your investment criteria, look at market data to help determine a fair purchase price and then help analyze the structure of the purchase as well as the financing to maximize return on investment.
Gregson Realty Advisors has made a specialty in leasing local properties in and around the San Marcos area. This comes with almost three decades of experience in the local market.
Property Tenant Representation
Gregson Realty Advisors can help you find and then negotiate the terms for your new or expanding business.

feet² in Commercial Properties

Property Management

Gregson Realty Advisors currently has almost 60,000 square feet of commercial property under active management. We maintain great relations with our tenants, helping ensure their willingness to stay and renew their lease as well as having great relationships with necessary vendors to ensure prompt response to any tenant need.



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